Corporate Team Building Activities

A Day at the Races

Place your bets!

Art In A Day

Create your office masterpiece!

Beach Olympics

Take home the Gold

Bikes for Tykes

Build a bike for a tyke!

Boot Camp

This is no picnic, soldier!

CCTV Music Awards

Star in your own music video!

Chariot Chase

Plan, build and race your ultimate chariot

Charity Chef

Create a dining experience for people in need

Christmas Cluedo

Solve the mystery and save Santa’s toys!

Christmas Cracker-Jack

A festive day of lawn bowls fun

Christmas Dinner

Work as a team to create the perfect Christmas dinner

City Scramble

Discover the hidden treasures of the city

Company Creativity

Get your film in the can and take home the Oscar

Corporate Chef

Who will be your company’s Masterchef?

Energisers & Icebreakers

Break up your conference with fun mini-activities

Fill It

How much can you fill it?

Flat Pack Frenzy

Be the first team to build a flat pack!

Give a Dog a Home

Build a kennel to help a needy dog

Great Race

Strap yourselves in for the race to end all races

Hunt for Santa’s Sleigh

Find Santa’s Sleigh and save Christmas!

It’s a Knockout

An arena spectacular!

Just Zoo It

Get to know your local zoo

Lawn Bowls

Fun, social, friendly competition

Mini Olympics

Represent your country with pride!

Minute to Win It

Can you Win It in a Minute?

Mission Impossible

Be a secret agent for the day!

Oceans 11

Bet big and take the house for all it's worth!

PAR for a Cause

Make a meal out of long range putts

Picture Perfect

Paparazzi for a day!

Play It Forward

Money Money Money

Project Runway

Enter the world of high fashion

Raft Regatta

Build the best raft and win the race!

Risk Reward

The bigger the risk, the better the reward!

Safe Crack

Be the first to catch the criminals

Sports Day

Compete in your choice of sport


Outwit, outplay, outlast

The Big Give

Give to charity: How Big can your team Give?

The Fugitive

Who will be the first to find the Fugitive?

The Pitch

Make a pitch for the perfect event

Toys 4 Tykes

Make a toy for an underprivileged child


Who will be your Trivia Champ?

Unleashed on Waiheke (Waiheke Island only)

Explore magnificent Waiheke Island