Corporate Team Building Activities

A Night at the Races

A Night at the Races

Dress up in your best fascinator or tailored suit and enjoy a night at the races with a team building difference! This fun program will be a test of strategy, risk taking, decision making and statistical analysis as teams strive to win the most money.

Art In A Day

Art In A Day

Art in a Day is a unique opportunity to explore and even discover the creative potential in your team. The value of the artistic process unfolds in this program as teams create their own office masterpiece.

Beach Olympics

Beach Olympics

Golden sand, sparkling blue water and beautiful weather – the setting for a fun and rewarding team building event called Beach Olympics. The onus is on participation and fun as teams compete in a round robin series with a gold medal in their sights.

Bikes For Tykes

Bikes for Tykes

One of the most powerful charity team building programs in New Zealand is Bikes For Tykes. Teams work through a series of activities with the overall goal to build a bike from scratch and put a smile on an underprivileged child’s face.

Boot Camp

Boot Camp

Boot Camp is a fun yet intense team program focused on group dynamics, problem solving and tactical survival. With activities tailored for all fitness levels, participants will enjoy the great outdoors and work in teams to overcome the various challenges.

CCTV Music Awards

CCTV Music Awards

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to star in your own music video? Your group can unleash their musical talent and maximise their creativity to produce an award-winning video in our fun team building program called CCTV Music Awards.

Charity Chase

Chariot Chase

This is your chance to be Ben-Hur for a day by working in teams to make and race your own chariot to victory. Speed will be important but so will team work and project management in this outdoor team building program.

Charity Chef

Charity Chef is a powerful team building program where teams design and cook a number of delicious dishes. The reward is the special donation and delivery of these culinary masterpieces to a worthy charity at the conclusion of the event.

Christmas Cluedo

Christmas Cluedo

Santa needs your team’s help to prevent the theft of more Christmas toys. The objective in this festive team building program is to sift through evidence, decipher clues left behind by the thieves and be the first to apprehend the offenders.

Christmas Cracker-Jack

Christmas Cracker-Jack

Pull out your flat white shoes, put on your best Christmas costume and prepare to take aim at the jack. Combing lawn bowls, beautiful sunshine, good people, festive cheer and some fun challenges, this will be a Christmas party to remember.

Christmas Dinner

Teams will compete against each other to prepare, deliver and enjoy an award-winning Christmas dining experience. The satisfaction in this team building program is when everyone sits down to enjoy this Christmas feast and plenty of festive cheer.

City Scramble

City Scramble is a fun adventure where teams will learn how much they know about the city. With a camera, maps, money and a list of items to collect or photograph, teams will be let loose in a scramble around the city.

Company Creativity

Become a script writer, director, editor and video star all in one day. In Company Creativity, teams compete to win the contract for a television campaign based on the production that best meets the brief and wows the judges.

Corporate Chef

Corporate Chef

From shopping for ingredients or unveiling their mystery box of food, designing a menu and cooking a main meal for all to enjoy, this will be a culinary experience to remember as well as unveil who is the ‘Corporate Chef’.



Ideal activities to break up and invigorate conference agendas or planning days are our energisers and ice breakers. They are short, sharp, fun, interactive and high energy, and can be tailored to the theme or objectives of any corporate event.

Fill It

Fill It

The mission in Fill It is to fill a trailer by a certain time with goods to be donated to charity. Think it’s easy? Think again! Fill It requires strategising, team work and creative thinking to maximise time and efficiency in filling the trailer.

Flat Pack Frenzy

We have all felt the frustration and then reward of completing a flat pack. In this team building program with a twist, there will be plenty of fun, hard work and challenges while teams build their very own flat packs.


A fugitive is on the loose. They could be lurking in the dark alleys of your city or disguised as a carefree holiday-maker. The challenge is not only to solve who the fugitive is but be the first to find them.

Give a Dog a Home

The goal in Give A Dog A Home is to design, build and present an award-winning dog kennel. The ultimate reward is the donation of these kennels to an animal charity including a visit from some furry friends themselves.

Great Race

Taking in the features of your city, teams will encounter twists, turns, tests and triumphs in the race for the finish line. Who will be the best team in deciphering clues, navigating streets and completing challenges in this Great Race?

Hunt For Santas Sleigh

Hunt for Santa’s Sleigh

Embrace the spirit of Christmas and take part in the epic adventure that is ‘Hunt for Santa’s Sleigh’. Is your team up to the challenge of locating the missing sleigh so Santa can deliver all the presents on time?

It’s a Knockout

We are taking you back to the 1980s to participate in one of the most popular TV game shows of its era! Do you have the skill, agility and team spirit to master the ‘It’s a Knockout’ obstacle courses?

Just Zoo It

Dust off your khakis, clean your binoculars and make sure you’ve got comfortable footwear as you attempt to ‘Just Zoo It’. Participants will get up close and personal to a host of native treasures and exotic animals in this adventurous team event.

Lawn Bowls

Lawn Bowls

Get out your bowling shoes, dress up in costume and prepare to test your skill, precision and teamwork at Lawn Bowls. We will show you the fun you can have when you combine lawn bowls with a few twists and challenges.

Mini Olympics

We have all witnessed the Olympics and marvelled at those amazing and inspirational athletes. Well here is your chance to be in your own Olympic team for a day and compete for gold in our fun Mini Olympics program.

Minute to Win It

The challenges will keep coming as teams do battle to become the Minute To Win It champions of your company. It is like being on a game show without the television cameras in this suspense-filled and engaging team building event!

Mission Impossible

Mission Impossible

‘Your mission, should you choose to accept it...’ will provide surprises, adventures and challenges to be remembered for years to come. In Mission Impossible, if your team can locate and crack the case, the rewards will be sweet and many.

Oceans 11

Faced with puzzles, riddles and casino-style gaming, you will need to put your analytics and risk taking to the test. Should you take a risk on or play it safe? Just remember you have to bet big to win big in Ocean’s 11!

PAR for a Cause

Does your organisation have people that will do anything for a sneaky nine holes while others find that boring or difficult? Well now you can cater for both in a fun and empowering charity program called Par For A Cause.

Picture Perfect

You may not have a vesper motorbike or patience to sit in a bush for hours but Picture Perfect will allow everyone to become paparazzi for a day. It is a fun program to experience a destination and hone team and creative skills!

Play It Forward

An ability to sell ice to Eskimos is an important talent in this team building event. Play It Forward will stretch comfort zones as participants pursue financial success through creative engagement with the general public.

Project Runway

You will experience the world of fashion design and catwalk modelling in Project Runway. There will be glitz, glamour and high pressure that you would expect in the famous fashion houses. And you may just uncover some hidden creative talents!

Raft Regatta

It might not be the America’s Cup but the Raft Regatta will be just as hotly contested. There is no need to get wet if you have a team you can trust and a cunning race plan to fend off the opposition.

Risk Reward

Will your team be a corporate success or apply for bankruptcy in Risk Reward? Requiring strategy, trust, teamwork and process improvement, the objective is to grow your finances through calculated risk taking and become the most profitable!

Safe Crack

Your help is needed to identify the leaders of a diamond smuggling ring. That is the case in Safe Crack! Work as a team to sift through the evidence, uncover the combination to a safe of critical clues and identify the culprits.

Sports Day

Team building through sport encourages fun, interaction and bonding, and allows for maximum participation. Whether it is golf, tennis, lawn bowls, touch football, volleyball, cricket or another, we can deliver a tournament that is as serious or social as you like.


Just like its reality TV namesake, Survivor will present fun and challenging team activities to determine who is the ultimate survivor! There are no deserted islands or extreme conditions but many adventures, twists and turns to test the mettle of everyone.

The Big Give

Maximise your resources, be creative with your time and give from the heart! The Big Give is a charity team building program that will not only have a positive effect on your team but an everlasting impact on someone else.

The Pitch

Who are the innovators, who are the planners and who are the presenters? The Pitch will combine the creative flair and business acumen of all participants as they work in teams to create, plan and pitch a fundraising event for charity.

Toys 4 Tykes

You are never too old for toys! Teams will work strategically to build a children’s wooden toy from scratch. It will be a challenge but seeing the smile on the face of the disadvantaged child who receives it makes it all worthwhile.


Who will become trivia champions of your company? With brain-bursting puzzles, general knowledge tinglers and lateral thinking challenges, the entire group will get a thorough mind workout in this popular social and team building activity.

Unleashed on Waiheke (Waiheke Island only)

Explore the scenic beauty of Waiheke Island, a 35-minute ferry ride from Auckland, in a team day to remember. You will use time management, planning, communication and navigation skills to end up on top of this adventure focused team building program.