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Ideas for your work Christmas party in 2017

It is that time of year when you ponder what to plan for your office Christmas party.

What will everyone enjoy doing? How do we better last year’s event? What is a good way to reward staff? Do we involve partners and families? What can we organise within budget? How do we align the event with our values? What will be unforgettable (in a good way of course)?

Those are some of the questions you may be asking yourself and your fellow Christmas party organisers in your company!

We work with organisations, large and small, all over New Zealand to plan and deliver corporate Christmas parties so we understand your constraints and challenges.

To help you decide on a rewarding and unforgettable event, here are our top four ideas for a staff Christmas party in 2017.

1. Family fun day

In this age of working longer hours, flexible working arrangements and technology making work accessible 24/7, the contribution of families is vital in the success of a business.

Family fun days can be a great way to acknowledge and involve both staff and families in a fun, relaxed and social environment with something for all ages to enjoy.

When organising family fun days, some things to consider are catering for all ages, providing entertainment for both kids and adults, what infrastructure needs to be brought in, applying for council permits for outdoor venues, and conducting a risk assessment.

Budget can also be a concern when you start to forecast total numbers to include families. We specialise in family fun days and have a variety of all-inclusive packages tailored to suit different group sizes and budgets.

2. Christmas team challenge

If your team enjoys problem solving or adventure type activities, a fun day-time team building event followed by a barbecue and drinks may be ideal for you.

Some team building programs like Mission Impossible and City Scramble provide the opportunity to explore your region, and others like Survivor and Beach Olympics are perfect to enjoy a beautiful location.

We have designed Christmas-themed team building programs such as Hunt For Santa’s Sleigh, Christmas Cluedo and Christmas Dinner to combine fun with various bonding exercises.

Most of these Christmas team challenges are great for day and outdoor Christmas activities however we have plenty suitable for indoor and evening too.

3. Charity team building

To enjoy the spirit of ‘giving’ this Christmas, a great option for your staff Christmas event may be a charity-focused team building program.

They are fun, they are team-oriented and, most importantly, they provide a gift to those less fortunate.

Bikes For Tykes, Toys For Tykes and Formula One Kart will put smiles on many disadvantaged children’s faces. Give A Dog A Home will provide shelter for four-legged friends in need. Whilst Charity Chef will help put food on a family’s table.

These are just some of our charity team building activities for corporates which all can be followed by a relaxing cocktail function to reflect on your team’s efforts.

4. Festive company conference

Holding your staff conference in the lead-up to Christmas is a good opportunity to combine strategic planning, professional development, team building and festive fun in the one corporate event.

The benefit of a company conference is that it gets all staff together at the same time and for the same purpose without the distraction of their normal workplace and duties.

It may be perfect timing for you to plan for 2018 or update staff on plans, provide some corporate training opportunities and then let your hair down for Christmas with an evening dinner or cocktail function.

A festive company conference will provide a positive injection into your company’s culture and take advantage of everyone’s creativity and high spirits at this time of year.

That’s four different options for you to consider for your end-of-year staff festivities. If you need any help choosing, organising and delivering an event suitable for your organisation, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

Rachael Ziccone, Conference & Events Manager, Corporate Challenge Events