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No More Boring Christmas Parties

Christmas is coming!  Yes, we know it’s only June, but we promise it will sneak up on you and be here before you know it and so too will your Christmas Party.  Luckily this isn’t our first festive season and we are here to talk you through some WOW factor ideas to create the ultimate Christmas Party for your team.  Sound good?  Let’s do it!

Team Building

There is nothing like a bit of friendly competition to kick off the festive season!  Always guaranteed to provide a lot of laughs and some good stories to tell over the coming weeks at various parties and gatherings, team building is a great way to get the whole team involved.  Whether your group is on the adventurous side, after something more relaxed and low key or looking to give back this festive season with a charity focused programme there are plenty of options available for groups of all ages, sizes, fitness levels and budgets.

Family Fun Days

Looking for something a bit more relaxed and less structured?  Why not try a Family (or Office) Fun Day!  With plenty of activities and catering options to keep everyone entertained and happy this is a great alternative to a traditional Christmas Party.  Offering the unique opportunity to involve the partners and families of your team this option is bound to get everyone talking.

Gala Dinner/Cocktail Party

If you are looking for something a bit more glamourous, a Gala Dinner would be perfect for you!  With so many ways to make it your own, you don’t necessarily need to break the bank to achieve something with WOW factor.  If your budget is on the smaller side, consider a cocktail style event rather than a sit down dinner, not only will you save money on food, but you will be able to use a smaller space.  Host an end of year awards ceremony or similar? This is also a perfect opportunity to combine the two events! #multitasking

Themed Party

Want to show off your creative flair?   A themed party is not only a great opportunity to get some amazing photos to use over the coming months, but watching everyone get involved in a theme is as much fun as the party itself!  With so many options in terms of a theme, entertainment and styling we guarantee you will come up with something to suit your needs and wow your team.  This option also doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive.  With the ability to set your styling, entertainment and catering budget you will have total control of the expenses.   Also don’t forget about DIY, if you have the time and the man power this is a good way to save on styling.

Need some theme options to get the ball rolling?  How about:

  • Casino Royale
  • Night at the Races
  • Winter Wonderland
  • Sports Hero’s
  • Life’s a Beach
  • Wild Wild West

Company Retreat

One night just not enough to say thank you to your team?  You could do an overnight or multi-day retreat to really say thank you to the people who put in the hard yards.  Now this might sound expensive, but we promise this option doesn’t necessarily need to break the bank.  With so many holiday homes available to rent in a wide range of locations that can cater to larger groups, you don’t even need to necessarily leave the state to get away and switch off.  Have some end of year training or want to get ahead for 2020?  You could also use this as an opportunity to tick these off the list, with so many properties now housing spaces to hold such events.

If all of the above still feels overwhelming and confusing or you need a little bit more inspiration we have you covered, with our super quick and easy quiz to help you design your perfect Christmas Party!  Still not sure?  We are always happy to have a chat and discuss your Christmas Party and what option might best suit you.

So with that all sorted, sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of the year and get ready to have the best Christmas Party ever!

Kathryn Laslett, Conference & Events, Corporate Challenge Events