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Online Team Building to Support your Remote Team During COVID-19

Time to get real… COVID-19 has turned our world upside down. We are working in unfamiliar conditions where we are forced to learn and adapt every day – it’s stressful and we have never experienced anything like this before. But this is our new reality. Words like social distancing, remote teams and virtual learning are all now a part of our everyday vocabulary, no wonder we are all feeling disconnected. The uncertainty of the pandemic is out of our control; but what is in our control is the ability to keep our teams connected in times of crisis. We have transformed our traditional team building programmes into fun, social and interactive online programmes to support your remote team during the COVID-19 pandemic. We understand that circumstances are different for many of us and have simplified our options into three different online team building categories that will cater to your objectives.

A Starting Point: Bring on the Fun!

Does your team thrive off a little competition? Well, let them know to bring their A-game to their home office set up because things are about to get crazy (whilst keeping their social distance of course). Forget feeling disconnected; your team will be too busy socially interacting and having endless amounts of FUN! with their colleagues during these exciting online programmes.

Online Trivia

Brain-bursting puzzles, general knowledge tinglers and lateral thinking mind-benders; the challenges will keep coming as teams battle it our in the Online Trivia arena. Take it to the next level and show off your creative flare by wearing the craziest piece of headgear you can find. Oversize glasses, colourful hats and bunny ears; we’ve seen it all!

Win it in an

Online Minute

Think you’re pretty good at completing whacky challenges? What if we gave you a 60 second time limit? All your skills will be tested (even the ones you didn’t know you had!) during this exciting and fast-paced online programme.

Something a Little More: Not just Entertainment

Looking for hours of fun, but want something that targets some key objectives that only traditional team building can provide? We have just the online programmes for you! Picture this on your computer screen: Your team virtually collaborating together, problem solving, getting creative and of course, having fun; all whilst delivering on key outcomes tailored to your teams needs. Sounds great, right? 


We call these our virtual games, but they are much more than that! This completely customisable programme covers key topics and will have your team sitting at the edge of their seats, eager to start the weekly challenge. Skynet is guaranteed to connect teams and boost positive team culture from the comfort of their own home.

The Pitch

Wanting to give your team an experience they have never had before? The Pitch will draw on the individual expertise of your team as we challenge them to brainstorm, plan and present the ultimate charity fundraising idea for a specific local charity. A charity representative will guide them through the challenge and crown the winning team!

Take it to the Next Level: Dig a Little Deeper

Still looking for something beyond these awesome programmes? COVID-19 won’t stop your team from falling off the path to success. Enable growth, development and a positive culture even whilst working remotely. These programmes will provide your team with skills that can be used beyond the pandemic and in every day life.

FISH! Online

Based on four key practices, FISH! Online is designed to equip your team with strategies that will help them feel valued and connected from wherever they may be working. Provide opportunities to strengthen their mindset and maximize opportunities in this new working world!

Find Your Why

Do you know why your business does what it does? If you don’t, then how would your team? The Find Your Why Workshop will empower your organisation and your people with a new sense of purpose.

Now is the time to create solutions, maximise opportunities and support your people. Why not inject a bit of fun into the virtual workplace and create an environment which allows your team to feel valued and connected, even whilst working remotely. Don’t let COVID-19 impact your positive team culture.

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